Biking in Great Lake Taupo & New Zealand Cycling Tours

Come to the Great Lake Taupo region and experience some world-renowned bike tours and tracks ranging from gentle to heart pumping. People love mountain biking in New Zealand and Taupo's free-draining soil conditions make the many Great Lake Taupo mountain biking trails a year-round destination. Yup, no muddy trails!

Many of the tracks follow beautiful bush trails, catching glimpses of the lake, rivers and mountains. There are many biking and cycling options for all ranges of fitness, experience and budgets.

Try biking the gullies and Taupo walking tracks of town or the pine scented exotic forests close by. For those who need the wilderness thrill, a fabulous volcanic adventure tour down the mountain is a great option. Thrill seekers can try heli-biking on the mountain, whilst the more sedate biker can relax and enjoy a ride through rolling bush tracks in the pine forest.

Road cycling is also big in Great Lake Taupo, with up to 10,000 riders from New Zealand and over 20 countries across the globe taking part each year in New Zealand’s largest NZ cycling event, the Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge.

Bike Taupo is a cycling advocacy group who aim to promote cycling as a healthy, environmentally friendly and convenient form of transport and recreation in the Great Lake Taupo region. Visit their website for information about the work they do and other biking tracks within the region.