Taupo Walks around Pureora Forest Park

There are many entry points to Pureora Forest Park, with tracks of varying standards and lengths.

Pureora to Timber Trail shelter: 3 hr, 8 km
The first section of the Timber Trail from Pureora is an easy gradient through magnificent podocarp forest. Allow 1 hr to the crawler tractor and 2 hr to Cabbage Tree Rd. It is then a gradual climb to a shelter on the slopes of Mt Pureora. Allow 4 days to walk the full trail.

Mt Pureora: 1 hr 30 min, 2.6 km
The summit provides panoramic views of Lake Taupo, Tongariro National Park, Mt Taranaki and Kaimanawa Ranges (weather permitting). This Taupo walking track starts from the Link Rd car park on the northeast side of Mt Pureora, with boardwalks and steps in place to make walking easier.

Toitoi Track: 2 hr 30 min, 5.7 km
An alternative access to the summit, starting from Tui Rd (off Cabbage Tree Rd) along the Timber Trail. Past the 10 km marker, the track climbs up the northwest side o f
Mt Pureora.

Centre of the North Island Walk: 10 min, 250 m
A short, flat track off Waimonoa Rd leading to the geographical centre of the North Island (marked with a cairn). The track joins the Mt Titiraupenga Track.

Mt Titiraupenga Track: 4 hr, 6 km
From Link Rd car park, the track crosses many small streams before climbing a southern ridge of Mt Titiraupenga, joining the Arataki Track just below the summit rock. The summit is Māori land and a taonga (treasure) to local iwi. Please respect cultural values by not climbing the summit rock.

Arataki Track: 1 hr 30 min to junction with
Mt Titiraupenga Track
This track begins off Titiraupenga Rd and passes the YMCA camp. It climbs steadily to join the Mt Titiraupenga Track, 10 minutes below the summit rock. Please do not climb the summit rock.

Rimu Walk: 1 hr, 1.7 km loop
From the Kakaho Campsite this Taupo loop walk follows the Kakaho Stream through dense rimu forest before climbing to a viewpoint. The walk emerges a short distance along
Kakaho Rd.

Bog Inn Track: 40 min, 1.7 km to Bog Inn Hut
To reach the track, turn off Link Rd onto Tihoi Rd just
north of the Kakaho Campsite, then further along Tihoi Rd take Bog Inn Rd to reach the car park. An easy 10 minute climb from the car park leads to the mountain mire known as The Bog. This is a fragile area; please keep to the track.

Waihora Lagoon Walk: 15 min, 730 m
From SH32 turn onto Waihora Rd and travel approximately 7 km on a gravel road before turning left into the Waihora Lagoon car park. The lagoon, a 10 minute walk from the car park, is one of the most beautiful spots in the park, surrounded by tall rimu and kahikatea (although the lagoon can dry out in summer). 

Waihora Track: 1 hr 30 min, 4 km
This Taupo walking track leaves from the Waihora Lagoon car park and follows an old road for 30 minutes to Pikopiko Stream and then a steady 1 hour climb will bring you to the junction with the Hauhungaroa Track. 

Waihaha Track: 3 hr, 9.4 km to hut
The track follows the Waihaha River through shrubland into dense podocarp forest. The Waihaha Hut is in a clearing overlooking the river where the Waihaha and Hauhungaroa tracks meet. There is a small camping area beside the hut. 

Hauhungaroa Track (Link Rd to Mangakahu Valley Rd): approximately 3 days

This 45 km track traverses the Hauhungaroa Range. Follow the Mt Pureora Track before dropping down a southern ridge of the mountain to Bog Inn Hut (3 hr 30 min). After skirting the bog, climb the ridge to Mt Weraroa (3 hr), turn east and drop steeply to the Waihora Track junction (1 hr 30 min).

The track continues onto the Waihaha Hut (4 hr). Continue upstream from the Waihaha Hut on the true left of the Waihaha River. Just to the south of Te Awaiti Stream, the track turns southwest and climbs the ridge onto the crest of the Hauhungaroa Range. Follow the crest south and the track continues to the Hauhungaroa Hut (7 hours from Waihaha Hut).

From the Hauhungaroa Hut continue following the crest south past Mt Motere before dropping down to the head of the Mangakahu Valley and the road end (2 hr 30 min). 

Ketemaringi Track: 4 hr to Totara Stream Crossin
From the end of Ketemaringi Rd, climb steadily for 1 hour to Ketemaringi Trig. The track then turns south and descends easily down a ridge to emerge onto Totara Stream Rd, with a further 1 hour walk to the car park at the Totara Stream crossing. 

Mangatutu Track: 2 hr to ridge
This hunter’s access track is off the Okahukura Loop track in the north block of the park. The track crosses two streams before climbing steeply onto the main ridge near Mt Ranginui, where it ends. 

Waipapa Loop Walk: 30 min return
Located behind Pureora Forest Park Lodge, the track passes through tall podocarp forest. If the road gaten is locked, allow an extra 10 minutes to walk to start of track. 

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