Desert Road

Tracks and marked routes from the Desert Road Summit

Rangitikei River Access / Southern Access Corridor - 21.5 km 
Time: 10 to 12 hours
42 km south of Turangi, near the Desert Road summit, a car park and signpost indicate the start of the access corridor. The route is poled as far as the bush line above Otamateanui Stream. A marked track descends through the beech forest steeply into Otamateanui Stream. Carry on down the stream 7 km to its confluence with the Rangitikei River. Beware most of this route follows the army land boundary, so please keep to this route for your own safety.

Unmarked Backcountry Routes
There are many opportunities in Kaimanawa Forest Park for backcountry travel along untracked river valleys and open tops. However, these routes are not marked and those using them need to be experienced, well-prepared and familiar with navigation in isolated country. The options are not described in this booklet but more information can be obtained from the DOC office in Turangi.

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