Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Methods

Great Lake Taupo is a trout fishing mecca. Here are a few methods that can help you catch a fish.

The ‘smelting season’ begins in early summer. Smelt spawn in the shallow areas of Lake Taupo. Trout follow them into these areas to feed. Fly fishing from the lake edge during the smelting season is an exciting way to fish or harling in the shallows from a boat using large wet-flies that imitate smelt.

Fly fishing reel and flies

The Western Bays of Lake Taupo are the ideal place to try your hand at targeting trout in the shallows with a fly rod. You can also head to one of the many streams in the area and use a smelt pattern. You can only access the Western Bay streams by boat.

Trolling is another great way to catch trout in Lake Taupo. This method is relatively inexpensive and an easy to learn. Jigging from a drifting boat is another popular method, targeting the drop offs and fish that are deeper.

On Lake Taupo fishing is fantastic, you can do it with light tackle trolling and little experience. You can hire fishing charters with experienced skippers or fly fishing guides all year round.

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