Summer Fishing in Taupo

SUMMER: December through February.

Dry fly time!

If it's classic sighted New Zealand fishing with big terrestrials that you want then book now! Hire one of our great fly fishing guides in Taupo - they all have their own secret spots in the Great Lake Taupo trout fishing region, and you will have the right flies and gear to match the hatch.

The New Zealand trout are now putting on weight at a furious rate as they gorge on the summers bounties. Big Cicada patterns in size 6# and 4# will be the order of the day and a big splashy entry will bring trout charging from meters away to gorge on the Steak and Chips of the Kiwi trout’s annual diet.

Fly fishing on Lake Taupo

Summer fishing trips in Taupo are time for T-shirts and wet wading, long hot days and camp fires with many of the fly fishing guides in Taupo offering multi day fishing vacations both locally and more remote, utilising 4x4, quad bikes or you can experience true wilderness trout fishing by helicopter access, simply the best of the best.

There are big well-conditioned rainbow and brown trout. It is not uncommon to hook into trout over 8 pounds, with the occasional double figured fish. From December all rivers are open, and the little spring creeks are alive with bugs and feeding trout.

The Lake Taupo trout fishing still waters are now in their prime and can be relied upon for consistent sport throughout the day and evening.

An early morning Lake Taupo fishing trip stalking Big Trophy Browns can be an unforgettable experience for many anglers. Some of the trophy brown trout creeks will get you so close to the fish you will be casting at - trophies just a rod length away!

Around New Zealand the lakes fish start to congregate at the river mouths. A day fly fishing in Taupo, New Zealand, over in the Western Bays of Lake Taupo chasing smelting trout along a white sand beach with your fly fishing guide in Taupo can be just stunning.

The evening rise is just at its peak during December and January: long warm evenings with multiple hatches to keep you on your toes for some fast and furious action. Have a break and a light refreshment then get ready for some of the late evening rise action right into dark, some of these evenings can produce some outstanding huge brown trout that only feed nocturnally.

If time is of the essence and you can't fit in a day then an evening rise can get you into a lot of fish in a short period and you never quite know when one of those big browns is going to pop his nose out and take a late night Caddis. If you'd like a bit of direction just organise a Lake Taupo fishing charter or fly fishing guide.

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