Spring Fishing in Taupo

SPRING: September through November.

Most of the local Taupo spawning rivers are now reaching peak winter runs of rainbow trout. This will start to slow towards October, although the Tongariro River will still have silvers running right through to the end of November.

Some great Taupo fly fishing can be had at this time of year as many local rivers have big numbers of both fresh and recovering trout in them. It is a popular time to get a Great Lake Taupo fishing guide as the weather is improving. Many of the spent fish are now putting on good condition - early spring rains cause significantly heavier river flows making invertebrates readily available in huge numbers.

Fly Fishing on the Tongariro River

Nymph fishing with Caddis and Mayfly imitations can be fast and furious around this time, bringing great sport on small streams and the bigger rivers.

October sees the start of the back country fly fishing season for most rivers and fishing lakes in Taupo, New Zealand. It can still be quite cold, but the wilderness scenery can be amazing at this time of year, with snowcapped mountains and volcanoes surrounding the lakes and rivers.

Stillwater Taupo fly fishing is always good at this time of year as you can fish all the shallows that big brown trout usually frequent before the weed beds get too established. It is a great time for a chance to land big rainbow trout or brownie.

Smelting starts when the loopins flower, and great fishing can be had stalking the edges of Lake Taupo. Leaping smelt can be found in and around the bays and river mouths, both around Taupo township and over the beautiful Western Bays. You can liken this experience to Bone Fishing on the flats when it's on!

First evening rises start mid November. Mayfly, Caddis and Brown Beetle will be on the Dry Fly list and we can usually expect more consistent day time Dry Fly activity towards the end of November.

If you'd like some more hints and tips we suggest your hire one of our Taupo fishing charters or one of the many fly fishing guides in Taupo.

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