Autumn Fishing in Taupo

AUTUMN: March through May.

Taupo trout fishing is at its best by the time Autumn comes around. Fish that were 7-8lb at the beginning of summer can be well into double figures at this time of year. Much of the NZ trout fishing pressure is off the water now, and you can relax knowing you will have plenty of angler-free water to choose from.

Fly Fishing on the Tongariro River

The challenge lies in the fact that many of the fish have also become quite educated about Taupo fishing and can offer those into serious fly fishing in NZ some fantastic challenges. The rewards are most definitely there, but the game has to be lifted a couple of notches especially from the fly fishing guides in Taupo. Once hooked these fish now know exactly where to head and they are now running on high octane fuel!

The Taupo region still waters are also giving up some of the best trout fishing of the season, without doubt this is the time of year for a still water trophy rainbow or brown trout. Once again the pressure is off and the lakes are empty but for a few locals who know the score, with the correct approach and location now is the hour on these waters. With a fishing charter in Taupo you could have your hour too. Fly fishing guides in Taupo love being able to guide clients to the best spots at this time of year.

The first of the winter spawning runs will start on the northern Taupo trout fishing rivers during Autumn, they usually coincide with the first serious rains we have. These first runs are usually the biggest trout of the winter for both Browns and Rainbows. The weather can very often remain quite mild until late April.

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