Best times for Great Lake Taupo trout fishing


Fly Fishing on Great Lake Taupo

January and February offer excellent dry fly fishing. In March and April, you will get some great nymph fishing. The fish are in peak condition where some of the biggest fish of the season can be caught. 

Some of the finest New Zealand fishing can be found in Great Lake Taupo in May. Migratory runs start on the Lake Taupo fishing tributaries. You should expect cooler temperatures, but generally very pleasant days. 

From June to October, Great Lake Taupo anglers switch to winter fly fishing as trout migrate for spawning. The backcountry rivers throughout the region are open after the winter months and the fish are active and hungry.

November and December offer some great spring and early summer trout fishing in New Zealand. Dry fly can be limited to the afternoons, but good nymph fishing can be had all day. On the lake, the smelt are spawning bringing trout into the shallows for some exciting action along the beaches and stream mouths. 

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