How to build the perfect snowman

No trip to the mountains is complete without building a snowman. Here are our top tips on how to construct New Zealand's finest snowman.

Step 1: The Body

Let's get this out of the way early. Avoid the yellow snow. It may add an interesting skin tone to your snowman but it's probably not worth the health risks.

The dual snowball body building method is a classic for a reason - it's effective and fun. Start a small ball and then roll it around until it grows to your desired size and shape. Start a second but keep it smaller so you can pick it up and place it on top of your first ball.

Another good method is the tower build. Start gathering and packing the snow around you into a tower. Then continue to build and shape it to your desired look.

Remember - there's no need to body shame your snowman. They're all different and no one body shape is better than the others. In the words of the modern-day poet, Christina Aguilera, 'You are beautiful in every single way, Snowman*'. Embrace the lumps, bumps and snow handles.

*Ok, we may have embellished her lyrics a little bit.

Step 2: The Nose

Don't forget your carrot! Take care in choosing your vegetable to create your desired look. For a noble carrot nose look out for a long, straight and nicely triangular shape. Small and stumpy is great for a button nose.

For a more avant garde look, grab a parsnip, fresh beetroot, wedge of orange or a banana. For a New Zealand twist try a kiwi fruit, feijoakumara or a rugby ball.

Step 3: The Eyes

Traditionally the gateways to the soul have been represented by pieces of coal. The options are endless for the eyes. The volcanic terrain at Mt Ruapehu means there are plenty of rocks that you can use. Best to look out for them on the way up though. How about giving your snowman a Maori cultural nod with eyes made from paua shells?

Step 4: The Arms

This could also be a stumbling block as the volcanic terrain of New Zealand's North Island ski areas don't allow for many trees. Advance planning is key to not getting caught in a sticky situation... (you're welcome). Either gather your stick arms in advance or get creative. Maybe your snowman can have fetching ski pole arms? How about building and shaping them from snow? Sacrifice a jacket or jersey so you can dress up your snowman and fill in the sleeves with snow for arms.

Step 5: The Accessories

This is where your snowman's personality can really shine through. Maybe your snowman is a little bit gangsta? He can rock a backwards cap, some dope gold chains and bad-ass shades. Maybe your snowman is actually a very stylish snow lady? A handbag, fetching scarf, earrings, fake eyelashes and bit of lippy should do the trick. Or maybe it's a snow infant? Add a bonnet, bib, nappy, soother and rattle. Nobody will dare to put that snow baby in the corner.

Step 6: The Photograph

A snowman may have a short life (depending on the weather) but they can live on forever in your memories with a good photo. Capture that beautiful specimen by itself or with the talented artist. Post your photos on our social media pages and we'll add your picture to our snowman gallery.

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