Kaimanawa Forest Park Introduced Animals

Kaimanawa Forest Park Natural History.

Sika and red deer are present in the park. The sika herd, which also inhabits neighbouring Kaweka Forest Park and the Ahimanawa area, is the only wild herd in the southern hemisphere.

The northern part of Kaimanawa Forest Park is a Recreational Hunting Area where recreational hunting is the primary means of deer control.

Possums are found throughout the park and permits to poison or trap them are issued on a block basis. Applications for possum permits should be made to the DOC office in Turangi.

Other animal pest species present include rats, feral cats, stoats, ferrets and weasels. All these animal pests pose a major threat to Kaimanawa Forest’s native plants or animals. Brown and rainbow trout are established in most of the park’s larger river systems.


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