Kaimanawa Forest Park Hunting

The sika herd in the Kaimanawa Forest Park is internationally recognised and the world class trophy antlers are keenly sought. The Recreational Hunting Area in the northern part of the park is one of the most popular in the country, and with sika venison being highly regarded, hunting pressure is constant throughout the year, especially in the more accessible areas.

During the roar and over holiday periods even the more remote areas are intensively used. Sika deer are elusive and difficult to hunt. To find out more about hunting sika in the Kaimanawa Forest Park visit www.doc.govt.nz/huntsika. Hunting permits are now available online: huntingpermits.doc.govt.nz and from the DOC office in Turangi. Permits are issued for four month periods. 

Dogs - Hunters and trampers must obtain a permit to take a dog into the Kaimanawa Forest Park. Hunters can apply to take more than one dog. Permits are available from the DOC office in Turangi.

Fire -During periods of extreme fire danger the lighting of fires in the open may be prohibited. Portable stoves are preferable to open fires. If you must use a wood fire, obtain firewood from dead trees only.

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