Kaimanawa Forest Park Accommodation

Camping & Huts

Road end camping - 
A pleasant vehicle-accessible campground is located off Kaimanawa Road at the start of the Tree Trunk Gorge Track. Other sites are located alongside Waikoko Stream off Kaimanawa Road and along Clements Mill Road. They are basic and only some have toilets.

Kaimanawa Forest Park Huts 

Boyd Hut (16 bunks)

Oamaru Hut (12 bunks)

Waipakihi Hut (12 bunks)

Cascade Hut (6 bunks)

The four huts in the park operate on a first-come, first served basis. Each is equipped with a coal/wood range, an axe, shovel and bunks with mattresses. To preserve the vegetation around the huts solid fuel is supplied. Please use sparingly. Before leaving extinguish the fire, ensure the hut is clean and tidy, doors and windows are secured, firewood restocked, tools are inside and food is secured from vermin. Take all rubbish out with you.

Hut fees 
 - Backcountry hut tickets or annual passes for Kaimanawa Forest Park, available from DOC offices and local information centres, should be purchased before your trip.

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