Hunting in Taupo – Sika Deer

Sika deer (Cervus nippon) are originally from Asia and were introduced to the North Island of New Zealand at the start of the 20th century.

The original release point was on Poronui Station to the east of Taupo, and the deer quickly established in the Kaweka and Kaimanawa ranges, making the Taupo region a great place for hunting trips in the North Island. Sika are smaller in size than a red deer but larger than a fallow with a typical trophy deer having 8 points.Arrogant Sika Stag Their roar or rut occurs between early April and June, and this is a key time to visit for Taupo hunting groups. Making it even more challenging is the fact that Sika are a very elusive animal, well evolved for life in the thickest of bush. The Taupo region is possibly the most accessible place in the world to chase a trophy Sika stag and for many New Zealand stag hunters taking one is the ultimate achievement.

Due to the significance of the sika deer in the region, Taupo has become a proud host of The Sika Show, the biggest annual outdoor trade show of its kind in Australasia.

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