Hunting in Taupo – Red Deer

The first Red Deer to arrive in New Zealand did so as a gift from Lord Petre of Thorndon Park in Essex, England in 1851. The first deer to reach the North Island were a gift to Sir Frederick Weld from Windsor Great Park and these were released near Wellington in 1861.

Redstag1Red deer make for great hunting trips around the North Island and many people come to New Zealand for the red stag hunts.

They are very widespread now, and are the main quarry for hunters all across the country, including hunters in the Great Lake Taupo region. The red deer’s large size and magnificent antlers make them a very desirable target for trophy hunters, particularly during the rut in April. Their booming rut calls, or ‘roars’, echo through the deep bush during this time of year, and make for spine chilling, close quarters Taupo hunting!


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