Tokaanu Thermal Walk

Take a short walk around our natural thermal area. See steaming hot mineral pools set in sinter basins, and spluttering mud pots amongst attractive native bush.

Tokaanu Thermal Walk is located at the southern end of Lake Taupo in the beautiful village of Tokaanu

Take a short walk around our natural thermal area. See steaming hot mineral pools set in sinter basins, and spluttering mud pots amongst attractive native bush.

The people of local Māori tribe Ngāti Kurauia have lived alongside the Tokaanu Stream and thermal area since the 16th century. To this day they use the Thermal Pools for relaxation, bathing, and their therapeutic qualities.

The continuous supply of hot water and steam vents are used for their communal cooking, and dyeing of traditional clothing. Share in this tradition by having a therapeutic and relaxing swim at the nearby Tokaanu Thermal Pools.

The Tokaanu area is part of the active Taupō Volcanic Zone, which contains many active
volcanoes from White island to Mt Ruapehu. The natural mineral waters first fell as snow and rain, and over the years percolated slowly down through the ground.

Far below the surface, the water comes into contact with the hot volcanic rock, and is driven back up towards the surface, where it eventually emerges as hot thermal springs rich in minerals.

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