Kayak Wai Maori

Lake & Stream Self Guided Kayaking: Kayak down the clear spring-fed Tokaanu Stream out into Southern Lake Taupo. Return via Tokaanu canal and alongside boiling mud and steaming hot pools for a 4 hour circuit. Also 1-1.5 hr stream kayak available.

Spring-fed from the northern slopes of Tongariro National Park is the freshwater stream of the Tokaanu.
Kayak Wai Maori hires self guided single and double sit on top kayaks to explore the bush clad Tokaanu Stream as it meanders out into the Southern Lake Taupo. Hipaua steaming cliffs, the lakeside village of Little Waihi and waterfall can be seen in the distance.

Closely follow the shoreline and view the abundant birdlife. Return via Tokaanu canal and stream alongside Tokaanu's geothermal area for a half day freshwater adventure.

A shorter 1 – 1.5 hour stream kayak hire starts in an aqueduct, meanders through wilderness and past boiling mud and steaming hot pools.

Nearby are Tokaanu Thermal Pools and the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

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