Kaimanawa Heli-Biking

The Lake Taupo region offers some of the most pristine and challenging mountain biking in New Zealand. Kaimanawa Heli-Biking takes you into the heart of the isolated and untouched wilderness of the Kaimanawa National Park; riding there is of an entirely different world.

You start with an exhilarating helicopter flight over a spectacular landscape of bush, tussock and mountain rivers, taking you to a destination where you could only get to otherwise by foot  and that would take you three days!

Once at the summit of the trail, you head down the magnificent 10km purpose built track, covering a vertical drop of 2500 ft, surrounded by sheer beauty and epic views of the Tongariro National Park. Soak up the fresh air and let your heart pound when hammering the single-track or just sit back and take your time on your trip downhill. After your ride, find a rock to sit on and have a snack on us.

Physical Address: RD 3 Poronui
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