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Basic listings on for activity, transport and tour operators in the Great Lake Taupo region are absolutely FREE and will help you reach the around 65,000 people that visit the website every month. So it’s worth listing your business and make sure your information is up to date.

Step 1 - Get your activity, transport or tour business listed on! automatically pulls all activity, transport and tour operator listings from Tourism New Zealand's The website receives around 1 million visits per month worldwide, so it’s the number one tourism online place to promote your business to international markets. If you are listed on, you will automatically appear on

To list or update your business on, please see the online instructions here.

If you already have a listing on, please login to check if all your details are updated. Business listings are removed from the website if you haven’t logged in for a year.

To add a deal to your listing, see adding a deal to your listings.

Operator Assistance

For any Operator Database and business listing enquiries or assistance please contact Samantha Hampson in the Tourism New Zealand Digital Team.

Ph: 04 462 8000
DDI: 04 462 8030

Step 2 - Let us know!

Please inform Dervla, digital marketing coordinator, if you have created a new listing on so that she can make sure it's pulling to the correct sections on our site.

DDI +64 7 376 0405

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