Road Cycling in Great Lake Taupo

Every year thousands of keen cyclists flock to Taupo to take part in New Zealand’s largest cycling occasion, the iconic Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge.

Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge was first held in 1977. This events most popular category circumnavigates Lake Taupo. Today however other categories have been added to the event line up, including shorter course road options and mountain bike categories, offering something for everyone whether you’re a group, family or individual.

Road cycling is popular in Taupo and throughout the year you will see cyclists on the roads, be it for health and recreation purposes or training for one of the many New Zealand cycling tours or events held in the region, including the Half IRONMAN and IRONMAN New Zealand.

If you are heading out on the roads for a ride or a biking tour around New Zealand, make sure you have all the necessary equipment with you: high visibility gear, a helmet, food and water if you are going to be out for a while, and a method of communication is always a good idea. Also, ensure you are familiar with New Zealand’s road rules.

Cycling Routes

Bike Taupo has been working as part of the Taupo Road User Group to create maps for Road Cycling Routes around the Taupo District.

This has been a partnership with local businesses and local authorities. They include Taupo District Council, Taupo Police, Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, Transpower NZ, Seay’s Earthmoving, Central Transport, Tri-Sport Taupo, Shadz Trucking, New Zealand Forest Managers, Land Transport Authority, Taupo Cycling Club and Top Gear Cycles.

The maps cover risks associated with popular cycle routes on local roads, as well as being a guide for cyclists riding in our district whether they are local or visitors.

Please download the Road Cycling Routes map here or by clicking on the map below.

Route Information

Bike Taupo Road Cycle Routes

Poihipi (high risk)

  • High traffic volume
  • High heavy vehicle route
  • Subject to fog and sunshine

Broadlands Rd (high risk)

  • High traffic volume
  • Subject to fog and sunshine 

Palmermill Rd (med risk)

  • Listen for trucks 

Mapara Rd (med risk)

  • Private motor vehicles

Oruanui Rd (high risk)

  • All traffic 

Tuhingamata Rd (low risk)

  • All traffic

Forest Rd (low risk)

  • Listen for trucks 

Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge (high risk)

  • A great route for a 160km ride
  • All traffic on State Highway 1

IRONMAN Cycle Leg of IRONMAN NZ Course (high risk)

  • This course starts from Taupo town to Reporoa and back
  • 90km return


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