White Water Rafting on the Tongariro - Suitable for families

Explore the family friendly waters of the lower Tongariro River. The lower part of the Tongariro River is New Zealand’s best Grade 2 white water rafting adventure.

Suitable for the whole family

Splash, crash, swim and laugh - this adventure is all about having fun! With plenty of fun rapids and beautiful scenery, it’s the perfect Taupo white water rafting trip for families with young children, senior citizens and non-English speaking visitors.

Suitable for ages three years and up, you’ll spend one and a half hours on the river. The rafting operators completely outfit you for the river so the entire family will stay warm during their adventure. If you have a young family and are visiting the Great Lake Taupo region this is a must do experience!

White water rafting trips are available daily and year round.

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