White Water Rafting in Taupo - FAQs & Tips

What should I bring? What is expected on a trip? What should I wear? Can I bring my camera or are pictures provided?

We’ve compiled some FAQs and hot tips to make your Taupo, Tongariro or Turangi white water rafting trip a memorable one.

All you need is a swimsuit and towel and everything else for the river is provided by the rafting operators.

  • Bookings are essential.
  • Have a good meal before your white water rafting adventure. Remember, you are the engine and are required to paddle!
  • If you wear glasses and require them for the rafting trip it’s a good idea to have them tied in around your head.
  • You may bring your waterproof camera (although do check with each operator first) but it is much easier to get the pictures from the rafting guys.
  • White water rafting is a great activity in all weather conditions.
  • White water rafting is a very safe adventure activity – New Zealand rafting guides and operators are governed by Maritime New Zealand and are audited annually - they are a very professional industry and are regarded as world leaders.
  • There are white water rafting options year round.
  • You can do white water rafting in Turangi, Tongariro and Taupo.
  • White water rafting in Taupo represents fantastic value for money.
  • When white water rafting in New Zealand with a Great Lake Taupo operator, you are with New Zealand’s best.
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