Grade 5 White Water Rafting

If you’re looking for some extreme Grade 5 white water rafting in New Zealand, then this is the white water rafting trip for you.

Hold On! - Get Down! - Get Ready to Scream!

Over the Summer months, brave individuals travel from Turangi and Taupo to Raft the North Islands most thrilling white water rapids located on the mighty Wairoa River. The Wairoa River is considered to sit amongst the very best class five rivers & provides the most action-packed Grade 5 rafting in the country – with rapids such as the “Roller Coaster”, “Devils Elbow” and “Mothers Nightmare” to name but a few. 

The Wairoa River flows only 26 Sundays a year through the warmer months of October - April. Rafting New Zealand is the only Great Lake Taupo based rafting company to raft its exciting rapids.

If you are an adrenaline junkie and want the ultimate white water adventure, then consider the Wairoa / Kaituna Extreme. You'll be dropping all day as you take on one waterfall after another,  rafting two of New Zealand’s best Grade 5 rivers in one day.

After your Wairoa adventure, we will need to drive 1 hour towards Rotorua to complete your Kaituna rafting adventure. The Kaituna is a very unique river that is like a natural hydro slide and combines beautiful scenery with fun rapids & the epic 7m waterfall.

Contact Rafting New Zealand for information about shutlle service and dates.

Only one question remains - "Are you brave enough?"

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