Souvenir Outlet Huka Falls

Quality affordable New Zealand Souvenirs & Gifts. We provide ice creams, drinks & lots of parking for cars, campervans & buses. Come in & get a bargain.

Souvenir Outlet Huka Falls has been set up by Taupo's Souvenir Outlet owners Paul & Christina Butt on Huka Falls Rd. It specialises in Huka Falls memorabilia along with a great range of quality souvenirs at outlet prices. 

At Souvenir Outlet Huka Falls there is plenty of parking for cars, campervans and buses.  There is also a stunning 10 minute bush walk to Huka Falls which begins right outside our store and on return we have ice creams and cold drinks. A toilet is also available. 

Physical Address: 413 Huka Falls Rd
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