Rocks and Diamonds

Rocks & Diamonds is a Manufacturing Jewellery Store. Bill and Rhys will, design, make, remodel, repair or Value your jewellery items in store. We have a beautifully crafted range of Jewellery differing from other jewellers.

Rocks & Diamonds, the new concept in manufacturing jewellery, is the baby of Bill Drew, a name synonymous with quality hand made pieces of jewellery. Bill opened this new store in December of 2014 and it has grown steadily ever since.

Rhys Atkinson has joined the team at Rocks & Diamonds after being the Head Jeweller in his last two roles in Hastings and Auckland. Between Bill and Rhys there is 72 years of experience hand making exceptional quality jewellery that never fails to impress. 

Call into store to discuss with Rhys and Bill your latest jewellery acquisition, they will then draw some designs for you and you can select your stones in store to complete your design. 

All services are done on site to ensure the safety of your jewellery.

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