Kori Kita

Kori Kita New Zealand Sportswear clothing for women, includes t shirts, shorts, skirts and skorts to help real kiwi women look and feel real kiwi good.

Regardless of whether you are a serious athlete, a weekend warrior or inspired to lead a healthy active lifestyle with the occasional exercise session then this range of sportswear will support and enhance your workout.
Kori Kita is a play on two beautiful Maori words that have inspired this range of New Zealand sportswear . . .
Kori - Move : Play Kita - Fast : Intense
Seeing our "REAL" women in the clothing will help you gain a true understanding of how these clothes will look and wear on you.
The fresh feminine designs and shapes will help you look and feel good as a woman as you move and play. Also unique t-shirt designs in high performance fabric will work for both men and women alike.
Kori Kita New Zealand Sportswear is designed by Kate Townsley in Taupo. Kate has been designing and making clothing and furnishings since she was a teenager For the last 12 years she has worked as a Technology teacher - involving Food, Fabric, Computing and Graphics.
She also has a background in Business and Finance.
She is an avid sportswoman. She has completed many multisport races, 2 Ironman races and many ultra marathons. She really knows sportswear well and is passionate about fabrics, fit, style, performance and feel.

Physical Address: PO Box 1760
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