Health 2000 Taupo

Health 2000 Taupo's staff are experienced and varied in their natural health training.

Naturopathic consultations, Food tolerance testing, Natural fertility, Animal therapies, Iridology, Reflexology, Bowen and massage are just a few of the consultation options you have when visiting. 

Health 2000 Taupo offers an extensive range of natural products with knowledgeable staff to assist you. We always have great specials running so call in and check out our everyday essentials with bargains on sports nutrition, flax oil, fish oils, evening primrose oil, multi vitamins and so many more! 

Whether it's bulking up or slimming down for summer, endurance or weight lifting, we've got it all! Happy living is healthy living with Health 2000 Taupo! 

We look forward to meeting you, Your Health 2000 Taupo team.

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