Greedybread Desserts

Love desserts? Who hasn't really want a wee (Ok, I lie, a huge slice) sliver of some delicious dessert when you get home after a long day or week? ME TOO!!

Sara Lee didn't do it for me, I wanted proper pies and tarts, butter, cream, sugar, all sorts of goodies! 

Want something delicious but don't feel like baking or even going out?

You will never get bored because the dessert choices change twice weekly.


Banoffee pie, Zuccotto, Chocolate mud, Tres leche , Lemon tart, Key Lime pie, Sour cheery pie,Tiramisu, Shoo Fly Pie, Boston cream pie, Vanilla Slice , Hoosier sugar cream pie, Honey pie, Sweet Potato pie, Pumpkin pie....

The greedyness is endless.....

Do you have a special occasion coming up?

Want to have a regular order?

Get in touch with us now and you can get GREEDY in no time.

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