Film & Photography

Wedding photography and cinematic wedding videography, business promotional videos, product launches, portrait sessions etc. We offer photography trips, stargazing trips with tutorials on landscape and astrophotography.

We are wedding specialists based at Taupo. We love capturing the spontaneous moments and very well scripted portraits on your special days. We offer full day photographic coverage and cinematic wedding videography to our clients. We use the most modern Canon photographic filming gear and very sophisticated motion control equipment for a flowing smooth video production. We can create a package according to your needs!

We love technology and believe in science. We love to travel and create breathtaking wedding films & time-lapse projects. We have published in international journals like Astronomy Magazine, Universe Today, Sky &  Telescope etc. Have a look at our facebook page for more -

We are passionate about creating aesthetic portrayals of businesses and properties with the stunning backdrop of New Zealand's night skies and the breathtaking landscapes of the Taupo region. Our time-lapse mixed videos have an edge over conventional videography. Our videos fascinate audiences resulting in more views than conventional videos making them ideal for advertising. Check out our video portfolio for a taste of what we can create -


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