3 Art Gallery

The 3 Art Gallery was formed in 2012 to bring together the works of three artisans covering different areas of art - Chris Hooton, Nancy Tschetner and Troy Grimwood.

Please browse through the galleries of their work, but better still, come out and visit them at their newly enlarged gallery at 299 Whangamata Road, Kinloch, Taupo.

Chris Hooton

His love affair with wood began as a child when he was given his first pocket knife. Woody’s Place offers one to four day woodturning or woodworking courses for those ready to try their hand at something other than the region’s adrenalin activities.

Nancy Tschetner 

Inspired by the natural landscape and elements found in New Zealand, Nancy has created a irreplaceable and exciting style and presentation of art. Using over 25 different shades of natural sand, obtained from around New Zealand. Nancy has a unique ability to use the colour variations of the sand to capture the distinctive attributes of that special place, person or landscape in a highly detailed and personalized sand portrait.

Troy Grimwood

Taupo based woodworker/artist Troy Grimwood has a few passions in life.  For one, he strongly believes in sustainable living, reusing and recycling perfectly good materials, which coincides with his other passion - wood!

Troy went on to create Wood Workz NZ, a passion he has turned into a growing Kiwi business. From kitchenware, artistic and conventional wood turning to furniture and custom made items around the home.  All recreated from our amazing natural resources the sustainable way and all 100% Kiwi made.

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