Taupo Town Playgrounds

If you’re wondering what to do in Taupo with the kids, wonder no more. Great Lake Taupo boasts an impressive number of playgrounds for the younger members of the family.

Probably the most iconic playground in the area is the one located on the Tongariro South Domain, right in the heart of the Taupo town centre. This futuristic looking facility offers great Taupo family activities including slides, swings and a kid’s favourite, the monkey bars, as well as a host of other activities sure to keep the young and young-at-heart amused for hours. Nearby, the infamous Lion Express train offers frequent loops through the park and is a long-standing family favourite in Taupo. This park is easy walking distance to public conveniences, the Taupo town centre and lake front.

Out of town you will find a number of additional playgrounds and recreational reserves dotted throughout the suburbs and along the lake edge which also offer plenty of activities for the kids.

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