Taupo Tandem Skydiving Launches New Fleet

Taupo Tandem Skydiving has great pleasure in announcing the arrival of their brand new fleet, including an awesome new stretch Hummer, open top convertible limo and a new plane, a Cessna Caravan. The new fleet represents a significant investment made into the organisation and a commitment to the long term success of Taupo as a worldwide skydiving destination.

Media release from Taupo Tandem Skydiving

18 months of work has gone into readying the Caravan, and now that it has arrived the new plane is amazing! We are now much faster, with an increased capacity from both the size and the speed of the plane. This means that instead of customers sitting around waiting to jump they are already back out enjoying Taupo and all of the other activities our town has on offer.

The new plane is also more fuel efficient and quieter both inside and out, leading to a smaller noise footprint on the surrounding area and a smoother ride for the tandem passengers inside the plane. Also because of the unobstructed views and nice big windows the new plane offers an incredible scenic flight over Lake Taupo, really adding to the value of our experience.

We still have TTL our yellow PAC750XL as a back up, which we will be running when the Caravan is in maintenance. Our new Hummer is exactly what it looks like – fifty shades of awesome!

Again a huge amount of work went in to this, about 12 months to get it ready for New Zealand roads. We had our brand new H2 Hummer custom built in the US to our requirements, and it only just landed on New Zealand soil early this year. We invested in the Hummer to give people travelling through New Zealand just one more reason to choose Taupo as their skydiving destination, and to improve the experience that we offer at TTS even further. We've had some great feedback so far on the VIP local pick ups!

We have expanded on the already amazing experience that we offer to make it truly out of this world, something that keeps people remembering their jump with TTS and travelling New Zealand for a lifetime.

Check out the photos above from the launch party, our new vehicles, and a couple of shots of our Caravan taking to the skies!


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