Mike McRoberts takes on Taupo

Mike McRoberts takes on Taupo - the world’s first ‘adventure marathon’.

Where in the world will you find a television personality running a full marathon intersected with a jet boat ride, bungy jump and sky dive?

Answer - Taupo. And its a world first really!

We know him best as a television news presenter but on August 1, Mike McRoberts the athlete, takes on Taupos first-ever marathon, running the full 42.195km with a few twists, deviations and detours.

Lining up at the 7.30am start Mike will run the course to near Hukafalls Jet where he detours and, with 13 year old daughter Maia, takes in a few 360° spins on the Waikato River right up to the mighty Huka Falls.

Returning to run the marathon route Mike will deviate to Taupo Bungy, strap on the rubber and leap 44 metres upside down over New Zealand’s longest river and highest water touch bungy. And if that doesn’t get him spinning, after continuing again on the marathon course as he passes Taupo Airport, he’ll deviate once more to Taupo Tandem Skydiving and fly to 12,000ft to jump out of a plane – parachute and jump master attached.

Back on terra firma Mike will continue to run the marathon, and plans to cross the finish line in a respectable time, all adventure, adrenaline and excitement considered a great experience and quite a feat. Especially considering he has been scared of heights his whole life,

I just thought if not now, then when? Im 50 next year, its a great time of life to take on these sort of adventures whats the worst that can happen?!

It’s Taupo’s first-ever full marathon and part of the Hoka One Run Taupo Series. Showcasing Taupo’s stunning scenery as well as its adventure opportunities as an added bonus, a combination that the event organisers believe has potential for massive growth in the future.

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