Jono and Ben 'World Famous' in Great Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo, New Zealand – August 17, 2015 – Jono and Ben, the popular comedy duo from The Rock radio and the prime time TV3 show, have succeeded in being the first people in the world to travel across Lake Taupo by bouncy castle. Their mission was to become ‘world famous’ and if social media is anything to go by then it’s fair to say they were successful (well… they were here in New Zealand anyway). The journey’s official hashtag, #castlecrusade, spent most of the day as one of the top four trending topics in the country, and even made it to the no. 1 spot!

Jono and Ben arrive in Great Lake Taupo for filming on Wednesday September 2nd, the eve of their Bouncy Castle Crusade

The pair set off from Lakeland House, at the southern end of Lake Taupo, just before 6.00am yesterday morning and reached Taupo Bay just before 4.00pm. With Ruapehu’s ski season still in full force, the boys braved chilly conditions on the lake, as late winter winds whipped off the mountains and skimmed across the water’s surface where they were floating. The voyagers also battled seasickness, a couple of ‘mechanical hiccups,’ and ran out of fuel; but they were determined not to let this hold them up. After making repairs to the bouncy castle, being delivered more fuel by a couple guys in a small tin boat, and stopping for lunch that was conveniently delivered by Taupo’s Floatplane, they finally arrived on the shores of Taupo. An extremely excited crowd, who had gathered from all across the North Island, was waiting to congratulate them on the success of their trip (and of course take a ‘selfie’ or two with the famous duo).

Along with the awesome social media coverage, live updates on Jono and Ben’s progress were broadcast on The Rock throughout the day. The Rock also broadcast live from the Hole in One Challenge in Taupo for the afternoon, giving away a myriad of Great Lake Taupo prizes to listeners and members of the public who were there to watch.

The district’s businesses are rapt with the exposure the Great Lake Taupo region has received in the lead up to, and throughout, Jono and Ben’s visit. “You can’t put a price on the coverage we’ve had on The Rock over the past few weeks, let alone the exposure we will get on prime time television when this airs on TV3 in a few weeks time,” says Damian Coutts, General Manager of Destination Great Lake Taupo. “Along with the ‘Bouncy Castle Crusade’ we also organized some additional filming here in Taupo, that took place on Wednesday and earlier today, and we would like to thank the community and tourism operators for coming to the party and helping out with this! The region will be portrayed in a fun and positive light on national TV thanks to everyone’s efforts.”


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