Jono and Ben Make a Splash in Great Lake Taupo

Jono and Ben stand gleefully upon the bouncy castle in which they will attempt to become world famous by crossing Lake Taupo by bouncy castle.

Lake Taupo, New Zealand – August 17, 2015Jono and Ben, from The Rock and the hit prime time TV show, are coming to Great Lake Taupo. The popular comedy duo will be attempting to become ‘world famous’ by being the first people in the world to attach an outboard motor to a bouncy castle and sail it across Lake Taupo.

Broadcasts on The Rock last week saw various details of the event become unveiled. The boys plan to embark on their ‘bouncy castle crusade’ sometime early September. The bouncy castle is said to have been donated by a 5-year-old Rock listener and amendments are being made by an inflatable boat company, Lancer to ensure a successful trip. The event will be promoted by Jono and Ben using the official hashtag #castlecrusade and the tagline ‘Lake it ‘til you make it’.

The trip will start at the southern end of the lake and will finish in Taupo Bay. Updates will be available throughout the day by tuning into The Rock and the Jono and Ben Facebook page (posts will also be shared on the Great Lake Taupo, NZ Facebook page). The Rock will then be broadcast live from Taupo from 3pm – 7pm, during which time Jono and Ben, pending a successful crossing, hope to arrive in Taupo.

The local business community is thrilled to see a show with such high profile coming to the region. “This is an opportunity for the Great Lake Taupo region to gain some fantastic exposure on prime time television, radio and amongst Jono and Ben’s many online fans,” says Destination Great Lake Taupo’s General Manager, Damian Coutts.

Due to their popularity it is expected that people from across the North Island will congregate in Great Lake Taupo to cheer the boys on and support their attempt to become ‘world famous’.


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