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The Taupo and Turangi i-SITEs contribute significantly to the local economy Photo Credit: Destination Great Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo, New Zealand – Oct 8, 2015 – The Taupo and Turangi i-SITEs have once again proven their worth to the regional economy and their role in enhancing the experience of visitors to the region. 2014/15 saw a 4.4% increase in gross revenue from the previous financial year for the two i-SITEs combined, a result that is consistent with the i-SITE network across the country.

A recent report, Economic Impact Analysis of the i-SITE Network, partly commissioned by i-SITE New Zealand, states that “i-SITEs across the country are adding value to regional economies by improving visitor experiences that in turn increase local spending and generate local benefits”. This is a result that has certainly been seen in the Great Lake Taupo region, with visitor numbers back to the highs of 2008, strong growth evident in the international market and spend up from last year.

The Taupo and Turangi i-SITEs have contributed to this success in growth by acting as the ‘shop windows’ to the Great Lake Taupo region. They support the Destination Great Lake Taupo brand and promote the region as Nature’s Ultimate Playground, providing free information and advice to visitors, encouraging them to stay longer, do more and spend more by booking tourism product and purchasing other goods and services through their sites. These visitors also become advocates for the region once they arrive back home.

The i-SITEs make visitors aware of things they can do that they previously didn’t know existed, boosting tourism revenue to the region.

An interesting twist to this story is the fact that actual visitor numbers through the door at the i-SITEs have dropped by 0.9% in the past financial year, from 286,736 in 2013/14 to 284,269 in 2014/15, with revenue at the same time increasing, a trend that is consistent with i-SITES throughout the country. This is indicative of a larger number of visitors booking tourism product online, but still through the i-SITEs, a global trend that is tipped to continue into the future.

Whether purchases are made online or in the i-SITEs themselves, our Taupo and Turangi i-SITEs are a major contributor to the local economy. Damian Coutts, General Manager of Destination Great Lake Taupo, says “By making visitors aware of things they can do that they previously didn’t know existed, our i-SITEs are enriching the experience for these visitors and continually growing visitor revenue. Tourism is worth approximately $410 million per annum to the district economy, contributing 18% of GDP and employing 2500 full time equivalent workers, making it the largest employment sector in our economy.”

Both the Taupo and Turangi i-SITEs are full members of the i-SITE NZ network and are Qualmark approved.




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