Epic Mountain Biking Adventure

The Great Lake Trail is the jewel in the crown of the Central North Island’s mountain bike trails.

Lookout on the Waihaha section of the Great Lake Trail

The 71km of deep bush and lakefront trails offer iconic views of Lake Taupo and the Tongariro National Park, traversing the secluded and beautiful Western Bays of the lake. The trail has been described as the best grade three experience of Nga Haerenga, the New Zealand Cycle Trail network.

The Great Lake Trail can be ridden across two days or split into sections to suit fitness levels and the time you have available. The trail is made up of three sections:

1. Waihaha (30km)
2. Kawakawa (K2K) (19.5km)
3. W2K and Headland Loop (13 or 21km)

The Great Lake Trail can be ridden year round due to the region’s free draining pumice soil. It is also open to walkers. Shuttle services and a water taxi are available on the trail. For maps, videos, trail info and service providers, go to www.GreatLakeTrail.com.

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