Great Lake Taupo Image Library

You are very welcome to use any of our destination images in our online library to promote and encourage people to visit the Great Lake Taupo area.

Please browse our Razuna online image library for images. If you don't find any suitable images, please contact the marketing team for assistance.

How to order images

1. Browse our Razuna online image library

2. Click on a category of your choice, select your desired pictures and click ‘Put selected files(s) in basket’. Wait for a notification ‘All files have been added to the basket’ to appear on the top right. 


Razuna Files To Basket

3. To go back to the main or previous folders, click on ‘Home’

Razuna Home

4. You may go into as many folders as you like to select your images. Make sure you click ‘Put selected files(s) in basket’ after selecting them.

5. When you are done with your selection, click on the Basket tab (top left next to Thumbnails)

Razuna Basket

6. Select the images you want to order and click the ‘Order the selected files below button’.

7. Please enter your email address and tell us a little bit about yourself, where the images will be used and in what context they will be used. 

Your request will be processed by the marketing team. If you don’t hear back from us within a few days, please contact

Image Library Terms & Conditions :

Publishing of these images is welcome with the following conditions:

  • All images used must be credited to Destination Great Lake Taupo at least once in the medium used.
  • If the images are being used online please link back to
    For example… "For more information about the Great Lake Taupo region, please visit the official Great Lake Taupo visitor information website."
  • The images remain the property of Destination Great Lake Taupo.
  • The images may not be manipulated or changed in any way without prior permission.
  • The photographs must be kept in context and in relation to the activity.
  • The images may not be used in a negative context.
  • The images may not be sold or used for direct commercial gain (marketing and promotional use is OK).

Generic Destination Images :

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Dervla Murtagh - Phone +64 376 0400

Marketing Manager
Anna McLaren - Phone +64 7 376 0403

Conference Images : 

Sales Manager
Karen Rainbow - Phone +64 7 376 0402




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