Boutique Lodge or Chain Hotel?

Boutique Lodge or Chain Hotel? Boutique Lodge or Chain Hotel? Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

New Zealand is a small, sophisticated and friendly country.......just like a boutique lodge really.

Stay at the luxurious Huka Lodge

Being “the tourist” is like looking in from the outside on the country you are visiting. Staying in a boutique lodge can bring you so much closer to the essence of that country.

You can enjoy the amazing locations these lodges are often situated in, mix with like minded fellow travellers and benefit from having your very own local experts on hand...... thinly disguised as the hosts.

Many of the newer boutique lodges are purpose built and designed so that guests can choose to enjoy their own privacy or intermingle with other guests at their whim.

Dining is often a highlight and an opportunity to share experiences, plan the next day’s activities with the benefit of local knowledge on hand or simply sit back and relax while your chef produces a meal to showcase the wonderful produce and wine New Zealand has to offer.

Boutique Lodge or Chain Hotel? We hope this helps you make your decision! 

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