What is Yoga?

People often discover Yoga for the first time by going to a studio and taking a Yoga class. After a few classes when people start to discover they are feeling good the question often arises - well how does Yoga actually work?

Yoga can be just a physical exercise, it can also be so much more.  

Yoga at Yoga Tree Taupo

The physical postures of Yoga (Asanas) amongst many health improving things help to strengthen and tone the physical body and our inner organs and increase flexibility through all of our connective tissue. The Asanas open our joints and bring increased blood supply to our lymph system,   creating a real 'feel good' and calm and clear feeling.

But there is also so much more, with the spine stronger and the hips, ankles and all other joints more flexible we are able to sit for longer and far more comfortably for meditation.

Meditation is a fundamental part of Yoga and is proven scientifically to lower blood pressure, improve exercise performance, help people to breathe easier, relieve insomnia and help people relax from the every day stresses of life.  Meditation is a simple way to balance a person's emotional and mental states.

Yoga, meaning Union, really is a holistic healing for the whole body, mind and spirit, a way to create not just physical strength and flexibility but a calm and flexible mind as well.

Anandi Greene

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