Mama Mia!....Magical Mother's Day Memories Made Easy.

Here I am again, the one they all like to call; ’The Last Minute Chick’. However, this post shows that yours truly has taken to being all proactive because there’s something that is creeping up on us all. Aah yes, you know’s that one, massive, stand alone date in the calendar that you’d be extremely wise not to forget......

Yep, Mother’s Day is looming large (May 13th actually) and we all know that, much like elephants, mothers never forget. Yours, like many others, will have a good idea of the gift you’ll give her (probably because it’s what she gets every year!!) However this year Lovely Blog Reader.....we’re shaking the bag up a bit!  So, we’ll start by treating Mamasita to a lovely brunch shall we?

Treat Mum to brunch at a Taupo Cafe

Taupo is impressively well endowed with numerous excellent cafes and restaurants that you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you’re a local, chances are you’ll already have your favourite. Personally, I think you won’t go far wrong at Sierra (AKA The Red Cup Cafe) on Tongariro Street where you will come across a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and of course an extensive range of delicious food.

So, now that Mummy dearest has thoroughly enjoyed her yummy  brunch and you, Lovely Reader have earned yourself major kudos and more Brownie points than you shake a stick at, it’s probably high time to stretch those legs and where better than along the shores of Great Lake Taupo. Since it’s a beautiful day (I have already made arrangements and left strict instructions for the sun to get his hat on) you can play it safe with a wander along the Lakefront or why not try something a bit different and check out some of Taupo's culture!

Now, I’m sure that you’re aware Taupo is The Events Capital of NZ. We are never short of cool annual events and deliver the goods all year round. We are also committed to providing opportunities to showcase Art and Sculpture. The first one you’ll see is Ngatoro-I-RangiToa-Matarau, it's stunning and imposing beauty acts as a gateway to the Cenotaph. Onwards to the entrance of the Great Lake Centre to view the simplistic beauty of The Cloak of Tia, a stunning glass sculpture lovingly created by local glass blower Lynden Over, owner and operator of Lava Glass which is a gallery and cafe, located at Wairakei, just outside of Taupo (more of that later...)

Just a short walk from The Cloak of Tia is Taupo Museum, situated in Story Place, this is a real jewel in Taupo’s crown in terms of art, culture and ever changing exhibitions. Regardless of whether Mama is a local lady or she hails from out of town, taking the Heritage Walk with her will pull into sharp focus just how rich Taupo is in matters of historical interest. After the walk is over, it's a relatively short drive to Lava Glass (see . . . I told you we'd get back to this!)

Watch glass blowing at Lava Glass

The studio is home to a vast number of original glass blown delights from a set of coasters or a paperweight in the shape of a starfish (we have one at home) to much larger projects including wall hangings and vases ( there's a thought you could get Mama to choose something special from the gallery). Whilst there, you can observe the incredible art of glassblowing up close and personal by watching Lynden work.

Just in case Mum is becoming tired, the plan could be home for a rest, have a bit of a freshen up and pop on your glad rags because it's off to one of many Taupo restaurants serving up all things deliciously delectable. is your comprehensive 'One Stop Shop' for locating an eaterie to suit you and, most importantly, The Lady of the Moment.

So there we have it... that is my idea of a cracking, 'break from the norm' Mother's Day. extravaganza. It covers all bases; .there's fine food, stunning artwork and sculpture, heritage galore and most importantly, it's time spent with your Mum......Priceless!

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