Shopping, Dining and Drinking Tips & Local Secrets

Take a stroll down any of Taupo’s main streets and you will find something glistening in one of the windows that will tempt you to go in and take a closer look. Explore the arcades and alleys that weave their way through the town centre - home to some of the region's most charming shops.

Relax with a drink

Don’t be misguided by the ‘backstreet feel,’ one of Taupo’s yummiest gems ‘Baker Street’ is tucked away down one of the ally’s – but DON’T tell everyone. It’s one of our best-kept secrets yet.

Did all that shopping and talk of the bakery make you hungry? Follow your nose down to the lakefront and be inspired by an assortment of delectable menu’s and locally brewed beer.

If you feel like the beer and cocktails are too irresistible to simply enjoy just one of, ask the friendly bartender to call you a taxi and kick back and enjoy the night without worrying about how to get home.

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