Walkers & Wet Weather

We’ve been blessed with great weather over Christmas. Yes, I know it’s been nothing but challenging since, but here’s what my elderly uncle (both visually and hearing impaired) and his wife were able to do while visiting from Auckland.

He prefers the security of a walking frame while out and about. BW (before the wet) I’d drop them at the lakefront to walk part of the Great Lake Walkway from Taupo to Wharewaka Point and arrange to meet them at the coffee caravan – just along from the gelato cart. Good coffee is an important part of their daily ritual.

“How friendly everyone is,” he told me. He loved seeing so many people enjoying being on and beside the lake, skiing, boating, walking their dogs, cycling and feeding the ducks and the cobbled pathway is far better than the pumice tracks he remembered from his teaching days here in the 1960s.

Then the rain came and sculpture between showers, became the theme. I mapped a walk from the Great Lake Centre, to Boat Harbour and arranged to pick them up at Stir (divine crepes, decent coffee); there’s plenty to look at and the Taupo Boat Harbour is one of our hidden treasures., there’s always something going on.

En-route they took in three of the town’s distinctive giant paperclips which hold stories of Taupo as well as information and maps; the ‘Cloak of Tia’ – made of 4,000 individually handmade pieces of feather glass - and the first artwork given to the community by the Taupō Sculpture Trust as well as our newest public artwork - the Heart the North Island.

Ora Gardens

When the rain came they spent a worthwhile hour or so at Taupo’s Museum and Art Gallery taking in their latest exhibitions as well as the wonderful permanent displays and Ora Garden.  Maxine Parkin-Jones (Jepson)’s kimono exhibit particularly caught their eye.

And when the rain stopped they headed for coffee via the rose garden.

They had a lovely morning out and if you had kids with you, the South Domain playground and Lions Express Train are additional distractions.

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