Taupo Trampers - Waihora to Waihaha

This tramp has been done several times as a day walk but this time the pace was slowed considerably in recognition of the gear being carried. This was very evident just after the start when a section of the “dreaded” red clays formed the track and crampons would have been useful to stay upright.

The slopes that were encountered near the end of day one did cause a very cautious pace to be observed; in fact at one time a voice from the back of the pack was heard saying that he – it was a male – had just used up all the oxygen and the birds were suffering.

Waihaha to Waihora Track

Conditions turned out to be great and the forest proved beautiful at this time of year, even the birds thought it was good as there were dozens of Wood pigeons, heard if not always seen, and the Kaka were delightful in reproducing all the whistle calls the Club Captain produced.

On day one all of the six hours quoted by the Department of Conservation (DOC) on the track notice were used in getting from Waihora to the Waihaha Hut to meet up with the van mover and Club President only to find that there were already six people encamped in the 10 bunk hut – some topping and tailing plus sleeping on the deck and floor allowed all to get a good night’s sleep.

The walk out next morning was a very easy three hours over the 9km as the slopes were gentle and the track first rate.

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