Tommy’s Golf Tip Of The Day - The Mud Ball

‘Damn, we got a mud ball Stevie’ – I remember hearing Tiger saying this to his then caddy Steve Williams when playing the final round of a major.

By Ten Grand Mentality

Despite the lump of mud, Tiger hit a great shot and went on to win. There is always an element of luck involved when hitting a golf ball with mud on it but Tiger would have used the ‘rule of thumb’ theory described below.

How to cope when mud has attached itself to your golf ball …..  

A mud ball - What to do?

You’ve managed to find the fairway but have discovered that a lump of mud has attached itself to your ball. You are unsure of the effect that this mud will have on the shot that faces you.

There is no exact science to determine how the ball will behave through the air when mud is attached, but there are a few simple rules that you can learn and follow that will improve your chances of finding the green.

Most of the time the ball will veer in the direction of the mud : meaning that if the mud sits on the left side of the ball it will hook and if it sits on the right side it will slice. The mud also tends to reduce the length of the flight so I suggest taking one more club than normal and aiming right or left according to where the mud has attached itself.

Focus on making a good strike and the rest is down to the golfing gods.


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