My great day at Huka Prawn Park by Jacob Nottage

My Aunty Kathy took me to Huka Prawn Park for the day! It was awesome!

Prawn fishing at Huka Prawn Park

At Huka Prawn Park I had a go at prawn fishing, this was fun - but I couldn't stop running back to play on the water bikes and squirting everyone! The trail walk was great and when you rung the bell the rainbow trout came along - and you could feed them - they were really big!!! The foot bath was nice and warm and some parts of it were warmer than others - just as well I had a change of clothes - Aunty Kathy made me change, I think I really tired her out, cos even though we had a map - we kept going back and forth all over the place - especially to the park. 

Lunch was yummy - I loved the fries and we had cooked prawns as well, oh and I met Shawn the Prawn. 

I had a brilliant day out - thank you Aunty Kathy, I can't wait to go back!

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