“Will watching Tour de France make me a better rider?”

The cycling season is over yet bike riders all over town are getting to work late, worn down & sleepy. The culprit is not over training, rather it’s an addiction.

Yes, it’s Tour de France time, alarm clocks all over the country have been going off during the dark hours of the morning, and coffee consumption has gone through the roof.  

Cycle Challenge

After decades of no cycling on TV except the brief 15 second glimpse of a sprint during the six o’clock news, the cycling fan now has hours of TV coverage to get through. The dedicated fan can watch the whole stage (so they can see the early break get formed - so I am told), right thru to the final sprint and podium presentations 6 1/2 hours later. 

I take a different approach - around 10:30 pm I start watching the stage. During the neutralized portion of the stage, I fall asleep on the couch, as Phil & Paul gently put me into a slumber. I abruptly awake, freezing, at 3:30 am at the end of the stage as the GC results appear on screen. 

I quickly turn the TV off, not wanting to spoil the replay - then drag myself to bed, kick the dog off my pillow, apologize to the wife as I try to get my feet warm, and try to get back to sleep.  However, I am now wide awake, but there’s no cycling on until 6:00 am. 

I’m left pondering questions like - “Will watching Mountain stages make me a better climber ?”, “what victory salute would I do”, “Are the podium girls tall or the riders short” and “Why don’t I buy a recorder ?”   

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