The Cyclist - a poem about leisure cycling in Taupo

My husband and I live in Te Awamutu, but spend as much time as we can in Taupo – for the day, short or long weekends and annual holidays. Would so love to retire there, but still working on it.

By Jacqui Gooding 

Between us we enjoy road cycling, trail cycling, swimming, walking, running, canoeing, watching sport, to name most of the reasons we love Taupo. That is apart from the dining out and central cafes. Paragliding is on my bucket list recently having replaced bungy jumping.

Taupo Bungy

I also love writing poetry and recently I wrote a short poem about my cycling in Taupo. Not so much for the competitive cyclists but for people like my husband and I who find Taupo a haven for cyclists. It is just a fun poem, but might encourage people our age who want to stay somewhere where they feel confident about cycling on the roads  -  to consider Taupo.

Anyway – here’s the poem ...


On my bike in Taupo I feel the wind and I am free
I glide around the corners
the sun shines down on me.

I peddle up the inclines, getting steeper by the yard
my thighs are really pumping
was it always quite this hard ?

For I’m a reborn cyclist at the age of sixty three
I regulate my breathing
I know what’s good for me.

I cycle with due caution, the way ahead is set,
while cycle lanes on busy streets
provide a safety net.

For Taupo is a haven for cyclists such as me,
they’re used to seeing Grandies
in groups of two or three.

My husband cycles with me, we both enjoy the fun
of cycling on an open road
reaching speeds of thirty one.

Life with a bike is cruisey, mentally it works a treat,
so enhance your fitness lifestyle -
but invest in a ruddy good seat !

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