Rainy day riding…no worries!

On a rather drizzly day, the road bike stayed hanging up in the garage, while my mountain bike ended up on the back of the car.

From the Craters car park, I start my favorite ride - over the road, into the forest heading over to tank stand. 

Craters of the Moon Mountain Biking

As soon as you enter the forest, its a different world - wind & rain does not  reach the tracks, as you are protected by the large tree ferns and the pine tree canopy. From tank stand, I pick up the appropriately named Grinder track that takes you to the highest point of the ride. 

From there, a nice flowing 3km decent on Mr & Mrs and Better than P. There are plenty of options depending on time, but this time I take Incline to pick up the classic Coaster track that leads you back down to the bottom of Tank stand. 

A quick ride around Squirt & then over to Tourist Trap and Ferret finishes a great ride.  

Gotta love those pumice based tracks - the bike is clean and I can grab a flat white without dragging mud thru the cafe.

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