Cruise over 70km of off road tracks

Taupo offers tracks ranging from gentle to heart pumping. Many of the tracks follow beautiful bush trails, catching glimpses of the lake, rivers and mountains.

There are many biking and cycling options for all ranges of fitness, experience and budgets. Taupo has some of the best mountain bike trails in the world.

Biking in Taupo

Try biking the gullies and walking tracks of town or the pine scented exotic forests close by. For those who need the wilderness thrill, seek a fabulous volcanic adventure tour down the mountain. Experience an overnight stay beside the Whanganui river and hangi. 

The next day cross the river and bike the 42-Traverse. For the thrillseeker try heli-biking on the mountain or for the more sedate biker, relax and enjoy a ride through rolling bush tracks in the pine forest. This is an exciting adventure sport for speed, spills and thrills.

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