Why Backpackers Flock to Taupo

Taupo is found in New Zealand's North Island and is home to New Zealand's largest lake, Lake Taupo. The lake was created after a huge volcano erupted around 27,500 years ago. Although the volcano itself has not erupted since 181AD, hydrothermic activity is still being recorded underwater. Because of this, the lake is considered to be dormant and not extinct.

By: Nomads

Being the largest lake in New Zealand, Lake Taupo is a popular place for tourists and especially backpackers to visit. One of the most popular activities in Taupo, in particular with the young and up for it backpacking community, is skydiving.

Taupo is probably the cheapest place in New Zealand to skydive

The views are incredible, with the tourists falling out of the sky and at the same time being able to enjoy unbelievable views of the lake itself, Taupo town and the snowcapped mountains of Tongariro National Park. Taupo is probably the cheapest place in New Zealand to skydive due to there being two companies offering the experience so prices are kept low. 

If extreme activities such as falling out of the sky aren't your thing there are lots more sedate activities on offer, Lake Taupo is a great fishing spot and is known as the Trout capital of the world! You must have a fishing license unless you're joining an organised fishing tour though.

All sorts of watersports are also on offer on Lake Taupo including kayaking, cruising and even whitewater rafting and jet boating on the Waikato River, which is where Lake Taupo drains.

In recent years, Taupo is becoming internationally known for being an events destination. Major international and national events held in Taupo include the A1 Grand Prix which is the world cup of motor sport and the largest international motor event held in New Zealand.

New Zealands Ironman Challenge is also held in Taupo in March every year. One of the most popular events though has to be the Great Lake Cycle Challenge which attracts over 10000 cyclists every year.

Backpackers and international tourists need to think about booking their accommodation early no matter what time of year they're planning on visiting this tourism mecca, fortunately there are lots of accommodation options on offer from camping to motels to backpackers hostels and luxury hotels.

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